Ultrahigh precision fiber-optic gyroscope

As is well known, satellite navigations using Global Positioning System (GPS) signals have been very successful and provide position accuracy on the order of centimeters. However, the performance of the current inertial navigation systems (INSs) is not as good as that of the GPS-type navigation.

The INS consists of the following three parts:
1. Accelerometer
2. Gyroscope
3. Gravity gradiometer
It is known that the performance of an existing inertial navigation system is limited by a gyroscope. Therefore, we are currently focusing on the development of gyroscopes.

There are several types of gyroscopes. Our research and development focus on interferometric fiber-optic gyroscopes (IFOG or simply FOG).

We will update information on our developments here as soon as we can make them open to the public.