Making quantum technology practical

Recently, we have been seeing more and more opportunities to hear the term “quantum computer” or “quantum technology”. These innovative technologies are expected to bring about major changes in fields such as medicine, AI, and materials development, leading to the realization of a safer, more secure, and more prosperous society. For more than 20 years, I have been conducting research in academia on photon-based quantum technologies and quantum electronics. I have started this company with the idea “I want to make the quantum technology I have researched useful to the world, and also make it practical”. We will do our best to contribute to the realization of a prosperous society and the development of Japan’s quantum community.

We expect that quantum inertial sensors, or quantum inertial navigation systems we have been developing, can be put to practical use relatively quickly in comparison to other quantum technologies. We would like to develop an inertial navigation system with ultra-high accuracy that greatly exceeds the performance of current devices by utilizing and hybridizing existing technologies, quantum electronics technologies, and quantum technologies, rather than focusing solely on quantum technologies. We dream that our device will further enhance human activities from the deep sea to the deep space.

Nobu Takei, CEO, MIZUSAQI Inc.


About our company name MIZUSAQI

The company name comes from “Pilot”. (mizusaki-annainin in Japanese)
A pilot is a person who boards a vessel entering or leaving a harbor, waterway or other body of water where navigation may be hazardous and safely guides the vessel through the waterway. Figuratively, therefore, it describes a person or role who leads the way and shows where to go.

We hope to develop and provide ultra-high-precision navigation that literally corresponds to the pilot, and at the same time, make quantum technology a practical technology. However, the social implementation of quantum technology is still at its dawn and far from practical use. In such a situation, we will be a pioneer and be the first to implement this. In this sense, the company name includes the desire to become a leader in the quantum era.


Logo design

Our logo was designed based on the following concept.

The shape of the entire circle is an image of the earth, with the meaning of globally universal state-of-the-art technology.

The pattern inside the circle forms the acronym “M” of MIZUSAQI. With the image of the Mobius strip in mind, it expresses our commitment to contribute to society through cutting-edge technologies and to create a better cycle of life. It also represents the waves of the ocean in the hope that our technology will greatly contribute to the development of marine technology.

The color is blue, which evokes sincerity and intelligence, and the gradation of the color evokes an image of wateriness and the earth.

This logo was designed by Keisuke Tohshima of Donut Company Co., Ltd.